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Having trouble getting started with writing content for your new WordPress web site? Leadtheme has you covered. We have developed a WordPress back up file that contains all of the basic pages that Real Estate Investors will usually ask us to put on their sites.

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What is in the Leadtheme WordPress Content Pack for Real Estate Investors?

The content pack contains all the basic pages that we would typically add to a real estate investor’s web site. We have created many sites for real estate investing and they usually consist of a few standard pages…

  • Home page (shows home text and latest blog article)
  • Home seller form page (squeeze page layout)
  • Home buyer form page (squeeze page layout)
  • Wholesale buyers list signup page (squeeze page layout)
  • Private lending information page
  • Private lender signup page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Facebook Fan Page w/ Listings
  • Property Listings Page
  • Company Information page
  • FAQs page
  • Contact us page
  • Thank You Page

Also included in the content pack is a full set of cForms preset files for use with our themes and the cForms II plugin. Easily add all types of real estate lead forms to your site with this easy to use plugin and our special pre-written forms. Click here to read more about the Leadtheme WordPress Form Pack for Real Estate Investors.

Most sites will not require all of these pages to be shown but we included them all in one pack. To learn about how to turn certain pages off in the main navigation menu, and other tips for using our themes the most effective way, read the Leadtheme WordPress theme setup instructions.


Comment from Jarell
Time March 26, 2011 at 2:51 am

Hello. I am trying to test my forms to see if they work correctly…and when i input my info, the form doesnt process through.

Comment from admin
Time April 4, 2011 at 3:04 pm


In your cForms settings (for each form) try un-checking the “Ajax Enabled” checkbox at the top of the form edit screen. For some reason, having Ajax enabled causes the forms to not process correctly. When using cForms with Ajax disabled, you may want to create a “Thank You” page to send user’s to after the form is submitted. To add a thank you page… go to the “Core Form Admin / Email Options ” section for each cFrom, enable it and add the url for your Thank you Page.

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