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Want to change wording next to opt-in form

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8:02 am
October 11, 2011



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I love your theme and layout, but I have one question. How can I get the top of my page to say "We Buy Houses Tell Us About Your Situation"? Right now mine says " Get a Fast Fair Offer Today". My website is http://www.LinBuysHouses.com. I'm a novice at this so hopefully there is an easy solution Smile.




11:19 am
October 20, 2011

Jens Beatty

Atlanta, GA


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Sorry for the delay on my reply. I didn't see this post until just now.

To change the tagline message on your home page,

Log into your WordPress admin,

Click the settings button on the left navigation

On the general settings page, the second field is called "tagline"

Just change that to whatever you want it to say, or leave it blank to not say anything there.

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